making each day extraordinary - pour que chaque jour soit extraordinaire


WIX is a historic, award-winning, progressive state primary school for children aged 3-11. We provide children with the best education possible and strive for excellence. We know that every child is unique, with individual strengths and interests and we tailor our approach to each one. Above all, we welcome every child, regardless of their ability or background and commit ourselves to giving every one of them the best start in life. Our belief and drive is to ‘Make Every day Extraordinary’ for all.

Two Languages, One Spirit

WIX is a unique, bilingual school with a global outlook and international links. Children at WIX are encouraged to thrive in a multi-lingual, high achieving and diverse environment. WIX houses the UK's first English/French bilingual stream. Developed in 2006, we work in very close collaboration with our neighbours in the adjoining French primary school to offer children schooling taught equally in French and English. Even for children who don’t learn two languages full time, the constant exposure to both French and English throughout the day imbues them with an international awareness and sensitivity. At WIX we value the rich mixture of cultures and world languages that are represented in our school. A proven hit with parents and pupils, it attracts international attention and huge demand. WIX - there's no school in London like it. In fact, there's no school in Britain like it.
Please see our page on bilingual education at WIX

Passion for Learning

We strive to instil a love of learning for all our children. We do this by providing a rich, diverse and stimulating curriculum for children from Nursery through to Year 6 that widens their understanding of the world, gives them the literacy, maths and computing skills they need to engage with the curriculum and learning, and provides them with positive, memorable and thought-provoking opportunities. Everyone involved in the children’s learning – teachers, leaders, support staff – works tirelessly to make sure that teaching and learning are the best that they can be, so that children move on to secondary school with a lifelong passion for learning.

Diversity and Creativity

We value the rich mixture of cultures and world languages that are represented at WIX. While learning to speak both English and/or French fluently is at the core of everything we do, our multi-cultural environment is enriched by families who between them speak 30 additional languages. This is reflected in WIX’s European Award for Languages. Creativity is highly valued at WIX with regular projects, activities and performances in well-known performance auditoriums around London (e.g. Cadogan Hall) of Art, Music and Drama. Meanwhile traditional core subjects such as Science, Maths and English are given equal focus. We have specialist Music, Sport and French provision. We also offer a fantastic computing syllabus and a range of computing and coding clubs. We also promote ‘Cultural Diversity’ weeks throughout the year.  

Every Child Matters (EIEIO)

We believe: ‘Everyone’s Important – Ensure Inclusion’s Outstanding’. So we work hard to ensure we are aware of any needs at any given time of ALL children in our school. All children are encouraged/supported to flourish at WIX. The curriculum is modified to support individual needs across all subjects; e.g. booster classes, access to visiting experts and coaches, holiday ‘universities’, specialist clubs, competitions and awards are just some of the ways we ensure our pupils realise their full potential. We provide extensive support for children with specific needs through Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) plans. If a pupil is identified through formal and informal assessment as having specific SEND needs, our SEND Coordinator works closely with teachers, parents and the pupil to draw up a targeted Individual Education Plan. WIX even works with SEND children before their arrival at the school.

making each day extraordinary - pour que chaque jour soit extraordinaire

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