making each day extraordinary - pour que chaque jour soit extraordinaire

Two languages, one building, one spirit

WIX houses three streams: English, Bilingual and French. Our school is a wonderful, close, and on-site cooperation between WIX Primary School and the École de WIX (Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle). We value and cherish the rich mixture of cultures and world languages that are represented at WIX.

At the heart of London

Based in vibrant Battersea in the borough of Wandsworth and right on the doorstep of the expansive sports areas of Clapham Common, WIX School sits just three miles from the heart of London, with all its world-class educational attractions. WIX classes make regular trips to among others: the National Gallery, the Natural History Museum, Tate Modern, the Science Museum, London Zoo, Kew Gardens and the British Museum. However, it's WIX's community spirit and its location in a quiet leafy residential street which gives it a village feel. Children have the opportunity to join community groups such as Beavers, Scouts and Guides, while local karate, judo, rugby, football, tennis, ballet, music and drama clubs all include WIX pupils.


WIX School is packed with facilities to encourage the best of teaching, learning and fun. Active bodies lead to active minds and our school dining hall is committed to serving nutritional food, while our trim trail, enclosed courts with facilities for team sports including tennis, cricket and basketball, and outdoor playground with pirate galleon play area all promote healthy living. We also offer music, dancing, singing and performing during lunchtimes, as well as ‘Bootcamp’. To keep in touch with nature, our children have the chance to be in the gardening area every lunchtime, learning about plants, growing foods to eat and taking care of the environment.

As a 21st Century school, we also place great emphasis on the teaching of Information Technology/Computing. Our 30-computer IT suite includes a wide range of educational software and every classroom has an interactive whiteboard. Children have access to class sets of iPads, computing specialists and a range of computing and coding clubs. The IT suite, library and dedicated academic support rooms all enrich the school's learning experience and a school garden teaches pupils about growing plants and harvesting.


We believe in the "Making Each Day Extraordinary" ethos and everything we do is underpinned by the following tenets of Every Child Matters: Be Healthy, Stay Safe, Enjoy and Achieve and Make a Positive Contribution. We teach in the categories outlined by The Cambridge Primary Review: The Individual Self, Others & the Wider World; Learning, Knowing & Doing.

All year round, we never stop monitoring our academic progress with regular assessments of staff and pupils. Our Headteacher and Deputy headteachers carry out constant performance reviews, leading Ofsted to say, "(the school's) capacity to sustain further improvement is fuelled by a fiercely ambitious senior team". Regular visits from Ofsted, HMI, the LEA, the French Inspectorate and our dedicated Governors ensure our work is monitored and evaluated by outside sources.

Our internal School Improvement Plan identifies the areas we strive to elevate, which currently include raising performance levels further in Maths, English and the Core Subjects, improving writing in Key Stage 2 and continuing to provide extra support for our gifted and talented pupils and those identified as having SEN.

History & Community

Since WIX School first opened its doors in 1902, its fundamental aim has remained the same: to provide the best education possible to local children in a supportive and happy environment. Today, like a century ago, WIX gets its children from the local community, so the local area enriches WIX, and WIX enriches the local area. We believe that every child at WIX has the right to be taught equally whatever their gender, ethnicity, age, culture or religion. We are a fully maintained state school, with our admissions policy regulated by the London Borough of Wandsworth.

We are very proud of our school building, which because of its interesting design has been deemed to be of historical significance. The school has undergone many changes in its long history, as has the community it serves, but its ethos is unwavering; we provide a broad and balanced curriculum through which every child's potential can be developed.

Uniquely we share our building with a French primary school, Ecole de WIX. This has given us the opportunity to develop language teaching at the school. From September 2005, all children at WIX started to learn French. In addition, from September 2006 we started a fully bilingual reception stream in which the children are taught half of their lessons in French and half in English, the first state school in England to do so.

See also our history page


Few primary schools in South London can boast the international recognition that WIX has achieved. Delegates from schools as far flung as the South Pacific have travelled here to see how we do it and the school has won a European award for languages. The French government made Marc Wolstencroft, our previous headteacher, a Knight of the Order of the Palmes Academiques for his outstanding contribution to learning and vision of developing the bilingual collaboration between two cultures and education systems. The current headteacher continues on from this work.

The WIX project is overseen by a group of highly committed Governors. Their role as "critical friend" means we never stop striving for success. Our enthusiastic and engaged Board of Governors is made up of professionals with wide-ranging backgrounds in law, finance, communications and science.

Ofsted described WIX as a "truly harmonious community based on respect for each other at all levels of the school," where "pupils learn to talk to each other to deepen their understanding of work".

Our greatest accolades come in the words of the real experts, our children: "WIX is a fun and joyful place to be." "I feel safe in my classroom as I'm with all of my friends." "You will always make friends at WIX Primary School".


From trumpet lessons to football and theatre group to Arabic, there's an after-school club or activity to suit all children's interests at WIX. Extra-curricular groups meet after school and/or on Saturday mornings to offer a fully-rounded experience for the pupils.  Meanwhile in school, the Christmas Concert, Spring Hat Parade and End-of-Year Summer Show provide a focal point for creative expression.

Additional opportunities are offered to allow children opportunities to expand their abilities within the context of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural framework of the school. Academic field trips, school exchanges and booster classes enrich and enliven the learning process.

WIX makes the most of the many world-class London attractions right on its doorstep with regular class outings to see everything from art at the Tate to chimps at the Zoo.

The varied extra-curricular offerings aren't just for pupils. Parents play a huge part in the WIX community, and create the school spirit by joining together as part of the PTA to organise school fairs, coffee mornings, parents' socials and even just a picnic on the Common.

making each day extraordinary - pour que chaque jour soit extraordinaire

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