making each day extraordinary - pour que chaque jour soit extraordinaire


We believe in the "Making Each Day Extraordinary" ethos and everything we do is underpinned by the following tenets of Every Child Matters: Be Healthy, Stay Safe, Enjoy and Achieve and Make a Positive Contribution. We teach in the categories outlined by The Cambridge Primary Review: The Individual Self, Others & the Wider World; Learning, Knowing & Doing.

All year round, we never stop monitoring our academic progress with regular assessments of staff and pupils. Our Headteacher and Deputy headteachers carry out constant performance reviews, leading Ofsted to say, "(the school's) capacity to sustain further improvement is fuelled by a fiercely ambitious senior team". Regular visits from Ofsted, HMI, the LEA, the French Inspectorate and our dedicated Governors ensure our work is monitored and evaluated by outside sources.

Our internal School Improvement Plan identifies the areas we strive to elevate, which currently include raising performance levels further in Maths, English and the Core Subjects, improving writing in Key Stage 2 and continuing to provide extra support for our gifted and talented pupils and those identified as having SEN.


WIX School is packed with facilities to encourage the best of teaching, learning and fun. Active bodies lead to active minds and our school dining hall is committed to serving nutritional food, while our trim trail; enclosed courts with facilities for team sports including tennis, cricket and basketball; and outdoor playground with unique pirate galleon play area all promote healthy living. We also offer music, dancing, singing and performing during lunchtimes, as well as ‘Bootcamp’. To keep in touch with nature, our children have the chance to be in the gardening area every lunchtime, learning about plants, growing foods to eat and taking care of the environment.

As a 21st Century school, we also place great emphasis on the teaching of Information Technology/Computing. Our 30-computer IT suite includes a wide range of educational software and every classroom has an interactive whiteboard. Children have access to class sets of i-pads, computing specialists and the chance to be part of making computer software and 3-D Maker Communities. The IT suite, library and dedicated academic support rooms all enrich the school's learning experience and a school garden teaches pupils about growing plants and harvesting.

making each day extraordinary - pour que chaque jour soit extraordinaire

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