making each day extraordinary - pour que chaque jour soit extraordinaire

Creative development is encouraged in Design Technology and Art lessons; developing individual skills as well as group work. Art and Design Technology are generally encompassed within the curriculum and are taught through topic-based lessons.

Our curriculum covers a wide variety of disciplines including drawing, painting, printing, pattern and sculpture. Children will cover these skills throughout the course of an academic year, building on them as they progress throughout the school.

There is a clear focus on self & peer evaluation and children are empowered to talk about their own and other children’s artwork using clear and purposeful art and design vocabulary.

Children visit galleries and exhibitions across London, providing them with a contextualised experience and enriching their learning and understanding.

Each year the school embarks on a new project to improve the learning environment. Recent projects included a visiting artist engaging in drawing workshops with the whole school based on the work of artist D.S Lowry. This culminated in each child adding their artistic hand to two large murals for the school hall. Other projects involved KS2 children being taught how to create mosaics by a team of local artists. The product of this can be seen at the entrance to our school – a beautiful mosaic based on the story of the Hare and the Tortoise spelling out the words WIX.


We have a variety of clubs related to Creative and other Arts including Construction Club, Drama Club, Choir, Upbeat, Busy Bees Club, Dance Club and Circus Skills. These clubs are open to all children with most being free as we use the expertise of our own staff. Clubs encourage children to learn new skills which they may not have the opportunity to experience in the classroom environment.

Please see our current clubs page

making each day extraordinary - pour que chaque jour soit extraordinaire

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