making each day extraordinary - pour que chaque jour soit extraordinaire


This section of the WIX website is for our children.

Using the menu options under 'Children' you can find out about the exciting opportunities we have for pupils through our extra-curricular provision. Do have a look at our list of after school clubs for example.

The children develop expertise in computing and internet safety at WIX. They know how to use a wide range of applications to learn and discover more, so do have a look at the wide range of website suggestions to expand on that experience. WIX is a subscriber to several of these services that are not free for individuals - name and passwords for these can be obtained from the class teacher. Our overview of computing offers a wealth of suggestions ranging from coding and computing to math, literacy and learning different languages. 

A further page allows both children and their parents to find out how to stay safe online, with information about cyber bullying and e-safety. 

Recently added: a page about our School Council. This is the body, made up of children from each class, english and bilingual, that meets regularly to discuss any subject raised by any pupil in the school. This can be anything from curriculum questions, proposals for equipment or school trips, personal issues or an exciting plan for the playground or building. The School Council's meetings are attended by a member of WIX staff and a member of the governing body, and they have a real influence on how our school works!

If you have trouble finding any information you need, or have suggestions how we could expand and/or improve the Children's section of the website, then please don't hesitate and contact us on

making each day extraordinary - pour que chaque jour soit extraordinaire

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