making each day extraordinary - pour que chaque jour soit extraordinaire

Children move from WIX to many different secondary schools.  Whatever school, or type of school you are considering, we recommend that families should be looking at possible secondary school options during Year 5.  This is because the deadline for submitting secondary school applications is typically the Friday of the October half term holiday in Year 6.

Wandsworth Borough holds Borough-wide Year 6 parents’ meetings in early September of Year 6 and secondary schools in the Borough hold open days in the first half term Year 6.  Wandsworth provide an extremely useful guide for admission into secondary schools.  You can request a copy of one of these by calling the Pupil Services Section on 020 8871 7316.  Alternatively, you can search on line at: Wandsworth Secondary School Admissions website 

Lambeth, our neighbouring borough, gives similar guidance at: Lambeth Apply for Secondary School website 

The government gives more general guidance at: Government Apply for Secondary School website 

WIX Primary School is a feeder school for Bolingbroke Academy.  Other popular state secondary schools for our children are Lambeth Academy, which now make French-English bilingual secondary provision, as well as purely English secondary provision and Graveney.

Some children move on to local private schools at secondary level.  Local private schools typically have a short application window, again in the Autumn term of Year 6, with entrance exams taking place in the January of Year 6.

For possible French secondary options in London, please see the Bilingual Section.

making each day extraordinary - pour que chaque jour soit extraordinaire

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